Best 7 Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

Best 7 Science Courses To Study In Nigeria 

Hundreds of science courses are studied at the postsecondary level in Nigeria, whether in a private, state, or federal institution. Sometimes it might be very difficult for a science student to select the right course to study.

One must be guided as a student while selecting a science course to take in order to avoid making a poor choice.

Considering the current state and situation of the nation and its economy, the top 7 science courses are listed below;


This has undoubtedly been one of the best science courses at the university, if not the best. The science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and avoiding diseases is referred to as medicine in the English Oxford Dictionary. Because of how profitable and renowned the field is, nearly every science student in Nigeria wants to pursue a career in medicine.

A student may choose to enroll in one of the various medical branches available. The course at the university is quite thorough and challenging. It is unquestionably and well-knownly the greatest among all other science courses.

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If you’re a student considering a science course for your tertiary education, you should consider engineering instead. You won’t regret it. All of the previously listed alternative disciplines fall under engineering because they are among the greatest science courses for students to think about and select at the university level. In Nigeria, engineers have received excellent ratings, recognition, and rewards for their creations over the years. Engineering programs are unbeatable in the current context, with little to no competition.

Because engineering is such a broad field, it has been divided into many subfields, some of which include civil engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural and environmental engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial production engineering, mechanical engineering, and others.


The art and science of creating and dispensing medicines are collectively referred to as the pharmacy. Pharmacy in Nigeria is highly regarded and equated to medicine in the same . Students interested in sciences should be aware that pharmacy is one of the greatest and most prominent science disciplines available at the tertiary level of education. As a result, any science student debating which science course to take should not be hesitant to select pharmacy.

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4. Computer Science 

The main focus of a computer science course is on the design and creation of software, which includes processes like algorithmic thinking, human-computer interaction, programming languages, and computing history. Due to the current state of computer evolution, computer science is one of the most popular scientific courses among students around the nation.

One benefit of being a computer science student is that you won’t have to move files from office to office in search of employment. Hence your current level of creativity allows you to create a blog, website, or application and earn money from it. You just need to expand your knowledge and get the necessary equipment, and you’ll be all set.


Despite the fact that graduates find the course to be tiresome, there are high paying oil firms like NNPC TOTAL, CHEVRON, OANDO, and others that are interested in hiring graduates with this marketable and lucrative course.

Recent historical works, like those of Thomas Kuhn, have a tendency to present and highlight the history of science in its systematic conceptual framework in an expanded format of politics, culture, intellectual, and iconic techniques. Another historian of science disagrees with these interpretations and views it as antagonism to and an illusion of development rather than as support for it.


Every scientific student, not just women, should choose nursing. This nursing profession has placed a strong emphasis on caring for communities, families, and individuals in accordance with the healthcare sector across the country in order to achieve optimal health and quality of life.

There is no validity to the myth that nursing is primarily a course for female students only.

Similar to medicine, nursing has a strong reputation in academics and has been tremendously profitable. Another smart decision for science students to make is this one.

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Another top-notch course for all science majors is radiography. Many students don’t even realize this course exists. This course has been outperformed on the grounds that it is not competitive, yet it is a tremendous shock considering how profitable and well-regarded radiography is. It is a pretty wise decision to enroll in this science course at a university.

In order to accurately detect injuries or diseases, radiography is the examination of inside images of a sick patient’s body. Additionally, they offer cancer patients treatment and care.


In order to impart necessary and useful knowledge to the young ones as they grow and develop, which will, in turn, improve the nation and economy overall, proper confinements should be put in place, especially on the educational path. Children are continuing to grow in accordance with this technological and scientific world.


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