US-MEPI Student Leaders Program for Middle East and North African Students 2023

US-MEPI Student Leaders Program for Middle East and North African Students 2023

Outstanding undergraduates from the MENA region can enroll in the Student Leaders program, which runs from June 24 to July 29, 2023, for an intensive 5-week leadership training program in the US. The emphasis of the program is on applying leadership skills and teaching lessons in participatory government.

The funding strategy used by MEPI is centered on fostering partnerships between individuals, non-governmental organizations, the corporate sector, and governmental institutions in order to advance peace and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa.

Up to 60 undergraduate and graduate students from the Middle East and North Africa can participate in the demanding Student Leaders program. Students are spread out across different academic institutions in the United States where they get leadership experience, deepen their understanding of civil society and participatory government, and learn how both may be used in their local communities.

Participants get to interact with their American peers, take part in neighborhood volunteer projects, and watch and participate in local, state, and federal political processes. Academic courses and study excursions to several American states are also included in the curriculum.


  • People who have visited the US or completed study abroad programs in the past are ineligible. The applicants must be registered in and attending a university in their home countries and should be able to speak and understand English well enough to participate in university-level courses in the United States.
  • Participants must not be American citizens or legal permanent residents at the time of application or while they are taking part in the program.
  • University students who are between the ages of 20 and 24 are eligible for this program.
  • We look for a pool of candidates with a balance of men and women, and we give preference to individuals that are typically underserved. Although nominees may be undergraduate or graduate students in any area of academic expertise, it is crucial that they show a sincere interest in pursuing leadership prospects in their own countries and reflect a desire to broaden their civic engagement.
  • This scholarship is eligible for¬† Students from the following countries : Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia.


Duration of Program: 5 Weeks

Program Value

Fully paid program expenses by the U.S. Department of State.

How To Apply

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