Study in Australia: Cheap Universities in Australia for Foreign Students 2023

International students are now attracted to Australia because of the country’s emphasis on scientific research and also being that the country is at the forefront of new technological development and innovations.  However, as international students, we are not oblivious to the cost of funding one’s educational career in a strange land, it can be so daunting.

This is why it is important to seek out cheap universities in Australia that is quite affordable with high educational standards that is usually within the reach of an international student with limited funding options. There are tons of scholarships in Australia that international students can access.

Studying in this Australia affords international students of the opportunities to pursue an outstanding education from leading institutions, the basic reason for this is that Australia is fast becoming the leading provider of high-quality education for both domestic and international students, and its’ universities are usually ranked in the world’s top 100 universities.

Studying in this country comes with tons of benefits to international students which include the fact that Australia usually offers world-class education with rich educational and research initiatives, laid-back nature, friendly disposition and high standards.

All International student that desires to study abroad usually chooses this country as one of their dream destinations because of the tons of advantages that the country has over other countries. In this article, we will be providing a list of cheap universities in Australia for Foreign Students.

List of Cheap Universities in Australia

  1. University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong is a public research university that is located in the coastal city of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. This university is actually the leading global university its people power, partnership, and communities are ranked among the very best 20 modern universities in the world.

This university is one of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students. The undergraduate tuition fee is from AUD 14,000 (USD $10,000) yearly while the graduate tuition fee is usually from AUD 8,000 (USD $5,700) yearly.

  1. Federation University of Australia

Federation University is one of Australia’s oldest universities which is known for its futuristic-focused approach to teaching and also learning across higher education and TAFE with campuses that are located across Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland, and Wimmera. This University often prides itself in the desire to transform lives and enhance communities through research. The university has tons of communities with over 18,500 of domestic and international students and 118,000 alumni across Australia and the world.

The undergraduate tuition fee is AUD 22,000 (USD $15, 800) yearly.

  1. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University has over the years been recognized by Times Higher Education as one of the elite groups of rising stars. It is actually among the top 100 global universities for quality education and one of Australia’s best universities for graduate employment outcomes.

This university believes in transforming, training, and educating international students that in turn will help them to change the lives of people in their home country. It also ensures that student builds essential skills required for success in their academic pursuits, their work, and lives beyond.

Undergraduate tuition fees range from AUD 25,000 (USD 18,000) each year while graduate tuition fees range from AUD 15, 000 (USD 10,800) each year.

Financial Coverage of Scholarship offered by these Universities  

The following are the financial coverage that is been covered by these scholarships:

  • The Full educational expense will be free of cost.
  • An economy class return ticket (from home country to Australia and also from Australia back to home country) will actually be given.
  • An AUD 5000 will actually be paid; single time, for living expenses, study-related stuff, and some course books.
  • A stipend for everyday costs will also be given twice a month at the rate that will be indicated by the office. From January 1st, 2013, this award is AUD 3000 each year.
  • A compulsory four to six-week program, dependent on the data about examination life in Australia, will be offered before the beginning of the appropriate investigations.
  • Fundamental medical insurance will be awarded to the honor holder all through the honor length.
  • Extra help in studies will also be offered for guaranteeing the scholarship holder’s accomplishment in academic performance and also improve his experience.

Note that, they will be no provision of any financial help by the Government of Australia for the family members or the relatives of the scholarship holder.

Eligibility Criteria of Cheap Universities in Australia

To actually secure a position for the scholarship, some conditions or criteria must be met before the scholarship application. These conditions include the following:

  • The applicants must be of 18 years of age or more when applying for the Australia award scholarship program.
  • The applicant must be a resident of any of the nations that are eligible.
  • The applicants mustn’t have any issues with visas or movement.
  • The applicants must have obtained an Australian understudy visa.
  • People residing in Australia or those that have lasting residency in Australia are not actually eligible for this scholarship.

One of the most crucial and important requirements is the English language requirement, which can actually be fulfilled by:

  • The English language requirement which is usually set by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), will be met by a candidate under two conditions, for instance, English is the local language of the candidate and the candidate has actually received training in English with a scholarly proof in the last case.
  • For a situation whereby the candidate doesn’t meet the DFAT specifications, the candidate will need to give the aggregate of a scholarly test for the English language before the start of the primary academic program. The satisfactory test for the English language is actually TOEFL, PTE, academic, and IELTS.
  • The actual authenticity of these English language test results is meant to last for just 2 years. The candidate should ensure to meet the required time frame of the test results validation that is set by the organization.
  • The candidate should ensure that they have the accompanying grades or percentage of marks that will be of benefit from the scholarship.

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