Best Universities to Study Architecture – Best Architecture Schools in the World

Are you in love with architecture or you’re probably wondering what universities are the brains behind the world’s brilliant architects we have around? Then you’ll be interested in learning about the best universities to study architecture in the world.

All universities that are mentioned here are top-ranking institutions and do admit students from all nationalities. On this page, you will find out Best Architecture Schools in the World.

Architecture is without a doubt a very rewarding career that is offered by top universities and schools of environmental studies around the world. Architecture plays a mind-blowing role in the history of human existence, from mind-blowing artistic and urban designs to environmentally significant structures.

Students that are interested in pursuing quality education in architecture can actually do so without any worries. The best universities that are shortlisted in this article usually offer prestigious scholarships at these universities which enable both local and international students to pursue the architectural programs of their dreams.

To secure these admissions at any of these universities, master, and Ph.D. applicants are required to submit a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a portfolio.

List of Best Universities to Study Architecture

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) the United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) actually held the position of the best university in architecture for about 10 years now including 2022 by the QS world university ranking and other top universities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is regarded as the home of innovative designs and studies of art, design, history/criticism of architecture, building technology and architectural computation.

Students that are interested in getting the very best education with hands-on experience in the field of architecture can gain admission into MIT to study with the very latest architectural curriculum and technology.

Students are allowed to design modern and postmodern buildings as well as tons of other numerous internship positions.

MIT School of Architecture usually offers the following programs:

  • BSc in Architecture
  • Sc. in Art and Design
  • Masters of Architecture
  • Masters in Architecture Studies
  • Masters in Building Technology
  • Masters in Art
  • Culture and Technology
  • PhD in Architecture
  • Delft Universities of Technology Delft—Netherland

This university is located in Netherland and they help in nurturing students to become experts in the field of real estate, landscape design, urban planning, building technology, and architecture. This university helps students to develop analytical skills and learn how to solve problems that is related to urbanization, climate change, and the development of exciting buildings.

Students in this school are taught by experts in the following degree programs:

  • 3 years Bachelor’s of architecture program
  • A 2-year master of architecture, urbanism, and building sciences program
  • 4-year PhD program in any of the following areas: architecture, building technology, urbanism, landscape architecture geomatics, management of the built environment and housing, covering aspects such as history, cultural heritage, and sustainability.
  • University College London, United Kingdom

This university is known for its world call education from experts in the field of architecture and design. In this university, the student is granted access to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies that will help in boosting their creative skills.

The university allows students to carry out research projects and also build professional networks through the placement of work. This university boast of an overwhelming employability rate of 90% of graduates of architecture.

This university is ranked among the top 10 in the world among top architectural schools in the world according to QS.

Students in this school can choose from any of these programs that is outlined below:

  • A five-year bachelor’s and master’s program in architecture with a final year on placement
  • A three-year BSc program architecture program
  • A three-year BSc program and MSc of engineering program
  • They also offer about 17 postgraduate programs for MSc studies in Architecture.
  • ETH Zurich—Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

This university is regarded as one of the best universities in the world in the field of architecture. It is ranked 4th place among the very best universities that offer architecture according to the QS world ranking by subject 2022.

This university offers it students project-based and creative architectural education. Students can explore designs, constructions, and historical and social aspects of the architectural program.

Masters and doctoral students usually work on very large projects. All students are usually granted access to architectural technologies, laboratories, studios, and research centers. The architectural master’s program usually lasts for two years with a 6-month internship period.

Afterward, a Ph.D. program that lasts for 6 years while the undergraduate program last for just 3 years. Keep in mind that knowledge of German and English is usually required to study architecture at this university.

This university offers the following:

  • Bachelor of Architecture: This is a three-year program taught in both English and German language.
  • Masters of Science in Architecture
  • Masters of Science in Landscape Architecture
  • Ph.D. program in Landscape and urban studies
  • Ph.D. in history and theory of Architecture
  • Harvard University, United State

Harvard School of Design is popularly known for its design-focused and exceptional curriculum covering areas that include the following: restructuring inner cities, historical context transformation and development of cities, and exploration of studio geographies such as Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, and other clients.

This university includes awards tons of scholarships to it architectural students, and these include American Society of Landscape Architect scholarships, Architect Foundations Scholarships, Association for Women in Architecture Foundation Scholarship, and tons of other scholarships.

This university offers the following programs to students:

  1. Masters of Architecture in Urban Design individuals that have completed a five-year undergraduate professional program in architecture or it might be its overseas equivalent are eligible for this program.
  2. Bachelor of Architecture program.
  3. Masters of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design Individuals that have completed a four-year undergraduate professional program in landscape architecture or it might be its overseas equivalent are eligible for this program.
  4. PhD program in architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Urban planning.

Architecture actually gives students the opportunity to explore the history, culture, and artistic landmarks in beautiful countries. At the moment students can now expect to build soft skills and memorable experiences while studying at these universities.

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