Application Update For The FG Survival Fund Program 2022

Application Update For The FG Survival Fund Program 2022

The federal government is successfully assisting the nation in regaining its economic viability through creative and forward-thinking programs that have demonstrated their efficacy in combating the consequences of the worldwide epidemic. The Survival Fund Program was introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria with a focus on independent artisans and small businesses.

The Payroll Support, Guaranteed Offtake, and MSME Grant are all parts of the Survival Fund Program. The FG MSME CRM & MIS Platform which was created specifically for the Survival Fund Program is aimed to assist with the digital registration, onboarding, and management of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises for the program.

The Survival Fund Program: What You Need to Know

  • Any Nigerian who operates a business, whether it is registered or not, is eligible to apply for one of the categories.
  • The  initiative will benefit more than 500,000 Nigerians.
  • The program is a part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which seeks to assist and safeguard these companies from any potential threats brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There are three categories of the program (Payroll Support – assists in paying employees of a business.) (Guaranteed Offtake – assists businesses to kick start or in rebuilding) (MSME Grant – free grants for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises.)

Participation Procedures


To participate in the Federal Government Survival Fund Program, you must first register on the survival fund application portal with your company and/or personal information.

Onboarding Process

The next step after creating an account on the platform is to finish the onboarding process by inputting information about your organization, bank, and employees.


You are then qualified to receive payment under the program you requested once your application has been verified properly.

How To Apply 

  • Visit the Survival Fund registration website at
  • The options for the survival fund application form will appear when you click the “Start Here” button.
  • To select a category, click “Payroll Support Register,” “MSME Grant Register,” or “Guaranteed Offtake Register.”
  • To avoid disqualification at the state of verification, enter your information into the form as accurately as possible.

After all these steps are successfully taken,

You will get an activation code for your profile via your mobile device and then you’re advised to proceed to the Onboarding process by logging into your successfully created account.