Chipper cash is an international online banking app with over 5 million users which allows you to invest in global stock market, through your mobile phones. It covers Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and the United States of America. Through the app, money can be sent to other 21+ African countries. The app converts United States dollars to these countries currencies using a recent conversion rate with ease and money can be converted from US dollars to these countries currencies. Chipper cash connects their users with the United States stock markets with a step by step guides on how to trade in the highly profitable stock market.

With Chipper Cash, you can trade cryptocurrencies and invest in international equities, giving you the opportunity to make extra money from your smartphone. You are prepared to begin your stock trading by using the app’s default capabilities, such as stock searches and current market capitalizations.

How to start using Chipper cash

  • The first step in the process is to download a chipper cash app through Playstore or apple store which gives better trading experience than the normal website. After downloading the app, next is to register and fill the columns appropriately.
  • On your device, install the app.
  • Use your cellphone number, start the application.
  • Verification of all profiles
  • After the verification of profile, then you are ready to trade.

Ensure that your phone number is active when registering because Chipper Cash will ask you to confirm by submitting an SMS code. Your National ID will also be necessary because the system will snap images of both you and the ID.

Putting Money in Chipper Cash Wallet

The good news is that all funding transactions to Chipper cash wallets are free. Before investing in stock market, you must fund your account. Your chipper account can be funded by sending money from your local account or dollar account. Chipper cash must have generated account number to deposit the money to after verification.

Buying Stocks in Chipper cash

  • Launch “Chipper cash app”
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Tap “Search stocks”
  • Tap “Company of choice” for example Shell
  • View “Market cap”
  • Tap “Buy”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Tap “Next”

You will be prompted to verify the information before submitting your stock purchase order. Once the order is confirmed, you will see your Stocks portfolio balance including gains, balance, total invested losses, etc.

Trading Crypto in Chipper cash

  • Launch “Chipper cash app”
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Tap “Crypto”
  • Tap “Asset of choice” for example Bitcoin
  • View “Market cap”
  • Tap “Buy or sell”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Tap “Next”
  • Confirm

Other Chipper cash features

Other than buying stock, chipper cash can still be used for the following:

  • Sending money
  • Free virtual card
  • Referral earnings
  • Virtual account number


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