How To Activate Auto-Renewal On GLO Data Plan (Code)

A lot of people have been searching for the result on how to active auto-renewal on Glo due to some issues and changes. In this article, I will give you full info on how you can activate and also deactivate it.

Some of the reasons lots of people want to activate their auto-renewal on Glo are because of unwanted deductions, activation of the wrong internet plan, etc.

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What is Auto Renew?

“Auto Renew” typically refers to a feature or functionality offered by subscription-based services. It allows the automatic renewal of a subscription at the end of its billing cycle, usually by charging the user’s preferred payment method.

However, this feature is convenient for users who wish to continue using a service without the hassle of manually renewing their subscription each time it expires. It ensures uninterrupted access to the service until the user chooses to cancel or modify their subscription settings.

How To Stop Auto Renewal on Glo

It is important for all Glo subscribers to familiarize themselves with the procedure for disabling auto-renewal. This knowledge enables you to temporarily suspend subscriptions when they are not needed and reactivate them when necessary.

When a plan is set to auto-renew, it will automatically extend into the next period as long as enough funds are in your account. The credit or airtime corresponding to your chosen plan is deducted automatically.

You have the option to promptly cancel your subscription through SMS, online platforms, or by using a USSD code.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Through USSD Code

To cancel every subscription with Glo, simply dial:

  • USSD NUMBER *777#.
  • After that, go as instructed to turn off auto-renewal services.
  • You must use this unique code to control every aspect of your Glo line.

This code works on all devices and does not require an internet connection to access services.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Through SMS

To cancel via SMS after activating it, follow the process below:

  • Navigate to the messaging (SMS) app on your smartphone.
  • Send the word CANCEL to 127

Your subscriptions won’t all renew themselves without your involvement. A text message verifying your successful opt-out of the auto-renewal option will be sent to you. However, all smartphone models and data plan the Glo mobile network provides are compatible.

How to Stop Glo Auto Renewal Online

With the Office Glo website, you can stop all of your auto-renewal subscriptions. Follow the steps below so far:

  • Navigate to their website and click on the sign
  • To log in, enter your login credentials
  • Locate the menu and click on Activate my account
  • You can as well discontinue your subscription plan

How to Subscribe to Glo Date Plan

To subscribe, you can follow the steps below:

  • Dial *777# and select your desired data plan
  • Or subscribe to the Glocafe app
  • You can as well subscribe vis SMS menu keyword to 127

How can I Check my Glo Data Balance?

There are two ways to check your data balance. However, you can check it by sending an SMS to 127 or dialing *777# or *127*0#.

Can I Share My Glo Data Plan?

You may add up to 5 Glo network users to your data plan to share the love, and they will receive quick, fast broadband access. Following the procedures outlined below, you can share data with your loved ones.

  • *777# or 127*01*MSISDN to add a number
  • Send an SMS share (Space) MSISDN to 127
  • Visit the Glocafe app

How Does the Auto-Renew Bundle Work?

The Auto-Renew Data feature allows for the automatic renewal of the most recent data bundles purchased. When the current bundle is fully utilized, the system will automatically initiate the renewal process. However, the cost of the renewed data bundle will be deducted from the customer’s Airtime or Contract Spend Limits.

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