How To Use MTN Music Plus 150MB Free Data With Simple Server

MTN music plus is the free browsing that is available now. MTN music plus has a free one and also one of N15, MTN music plus comes with data of 150mb which is only valid for 7 days.

To activate the 150mb for N15, you can simply send C to 5900.

To activate the free one simply send D to 5900 and it is activated only once a week.

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How to Use the Music Plus MB

Phone Setting

  1. Start by creating three different APN

First APN

Name: Any name


Second APN

Name: Any name


Proxy: 10:199:212.2

Port 8080

Third APN

Name: Any name



Port 8080

After creating your three APNS, you can simply activate one from them as your default.

The reason for creating three APNS is because of the fact that sometimes your APN disconnects or doesn’t work so when you have three you can just easily switch them for a better experience.

Simple Server Users

  1. Open your simple Server
  2. Choose VPN on the set connection mode
  3. Enter your connection settings to make the following setting:

Tick Enable Proxy

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080

After doing all that

  1. Tick Enable Header Tweaking
  2. Click on Choose Tweak Type and Choose host
  3. Replace it and put the injection host

Press back and connect.

Other Tips

This other process is for people who are using other users which are:


  • Download open VPN from your play store
  • Music Plus has a link that you have to click to download, it Should be inside your memory card www
  • Click the menu and click on import to transfer the configuration file to your VPN.
  • Choose the option that says import profile from SD card
  • Locate your configuration file and select it. This process helps import it
  • Once it has been imported simply click connect.

Psiphon Users

  • Open your Psiphon Handler and set it this way

Tick Remove Port

Proxy type: Real host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: Default or inject

Real proxy server: 80

Click save.

Then choose Tunnel whole device.

  • Either click best performance or United States.
  • Click on more option and set this;

Click connect through an HTTP

Click use the following setting

Host address:

Port: 8080.

Press back and you are connected

What is the code for MTN music plus?

To subscribe to MTN music plus simply send D to 5900. you will receive a reply shortly.

How many times can you subscribe to the 150 MB?

You can subscribe as much as you like but you must first unsubscribe from the previous one by doing this;

After you have exhausted your first 150 MB and you want to subscribe simply send cancel7c to 5900. You will receive a message, then press c to 5900, you will receive another SMS then just reply with yes and N15 will be deducted from your account.

How to Check my Music Plus Balance?

To check your music plus data balance simply dial *559*2#.

How Many APN should We Create when Setting up our Music Plus?

You should create 3 APNS, reason is cause the network can be unstable so you can just change it whenever you want.

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