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The Fastest Way to Contact MTN and Airtel Customer Care Agents to Get an Instant Response

We generally have four major network operators, which are MTN, the leading network in the whole of Nigeria; Airtel, the best when looking for a network; Glo, which has a very amazing data offer; and Etisalat, which is also good with an amazing data offer.

Nevertheless, I will be giving you a guide to the fastest and best way to contact MTN and Airtel customer care agents. Some users find it hard to contact them for issues at hand, but here is a guide to how to contact them without difficulty.

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Fastest Way to Contact MTN and Airtel Customer Care AgentsĀ 

Here is the best way to contact the two major network operators through their customer care agents with ease:


There are six different ways to contact an MTN customer care agent; they are available 24/7 to guide you.

Use of the Customer Care Number

This is the fastest way to reach a customer care agent; there are three different numbers available for your use.

This number varies according to those calling with an MTN number. Others calling using another SIM, and finally, those reaching out to MTN from outside Nigeria.

No matter where you are calling from, a customer care agent will be glad to help you out. Here are the numbers to call:

  • Dial 300 for those calling with an MTN line.
  • Dial 08031000180 for those calling from another SIM.
  • Dial +2348031000180 for those calling from outside Nigeria.
  • Contact them on WhatsApp.

Chatting on WhatsApp

This is another good way to contact a customer care agent. You can simply save the number on your phone and message them on WhatsApp. With the help of the MTN chatbot, you can easily get suggestions or be connected to a customer care agent for proper guidance.

Using Social Media

You can also contact a customer care agent through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. For you to use a social media page, you have to carefully choose the right handles, or you might end up with a fake account. However, here are the various social media handles for customer care agents where you will get an instant response:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • (Customer Service)
  • Instagram:

MTN Customer Care Email

This is another effective way of contacting customer care. You could use an email to drop a complaint; although email takes longer to get a reply, you always get what you want.

You can reach out to a customer care agent at this email address:

  • Visit any MTN Center closest to you.

This is like the last option you get when nothing else works out for you. You can just visit the nearest MTN Center to drop off your complaint, and you get to resolve the issue at hand.

Use of the MTN App

Making use of the MTN app will be a very wise decision. Within the MTN app, you can get access to a customer care agent. However, you can also contact MTN directly, and with the help of the app, you can easily use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and Telegram.

You can gain a lot from the MTN app; you can also purchase airtime and data and get your balance from the app.


Just as you can contact an MTN customer care agent, we can also do the same for Airtel. Here are the following ways to contact an Airtel customer care agent:

Use of the Customer Care Number

You can call an Airtel customer care agent by simply dialing 111 from your Airtel phone number. But when using another network or calling from outside Nigeria reach out through their official website or dial their phone number.

Airtel Customer Care Email Address

You can also try contacting Airtel customer care by email. You can message them there, but their response might take a while. They are available 24 hours a day.


Airtel WhatsApp Chatbot

To reach out to any available Airtel customer care agent, have you tried messaging them online using WhatsApp? Here is a number that gives you quick access to an Airtel customer care service.

Social Media

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are also part of the different ways we can reach out to an Airtel customer care agent. Simply follow them on any of these platforms, and you can ask any question of your choice.

Visit the Airtel Center. Close to you

Have you tried visiting any Airtel Center closest to you? I would advise you to do that; therefore, you can get a quicker response and the best solution to your problem.

What Are They Using to Contact Airtel Customer Care?

To contact Airtel customer care, simply dial 111 with your Airtel number.

Who Is a Network Customer Care Agent?

This is an agent provided to help guide users to having convenient access to their subscription, airtime, and other services with ease. They are people you can reach out to whenever you have issues with your SIM.

What Are the Duties of a Customer Care Agent?

Customer care agents were provided to help us achieve the following aim:

  • Ensure all products for sale are always available for customers upon their every request.
  • Management of customers professionally
  • resolving issues that might arise.

How Do I Complain to MTN About an Issue?

You can send a complaint by reaching them at their email address, If the issue is yet to be resolved within 14 days, you can call them at Dial 300 for those calling with an MTN line or you can call their direct line.

What Number Can I Use to Call MTN For Free?

You can contact their call center on 135 for free from an MTN number, which can be used to set up a debit order.

Note: Any other questions can be dropped in the comment section to get a quick response.

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