How To Get 1GB For N100 On Airtel Just for Weekends

Airtel has come again with an amazing data offer that allows you to get 1 GB for just N100 every weekend. We will be reviewing how to get this nice data plan and how to check your data balance for this plan. This plan is one of the best data offers that Airtel has to offer.

We all know that Airtel is one of the best-running networks in Nigeria as a whole, and you can enjoy using your 1GB every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) provided you are in a place where the network is stable. With this weekend plan, you can do whatever you want: watch a movie on YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and so on.

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How to Subscribe to 1GB for N100 on Airtel Every Weekend

Activating this plan is quite simple and easy to access and use. By following my steps, you can subscribe to your 1GB with just N100 to enjoy your weekends.

Recharge your phone.

Before anything else, your first step must be recharging; without that, you can’t buy your data plan. To proceed with the process, you have to recharge N100 from your bank or any nearby store.


To complete this process, simply dial this code: *474*1# to subscribe, and your data plan will automatically activate.

How to Check Your Weekend Data Balance

To check your data balance for this weekend plan, just dial *140#. Then a message will be sent to you showing your weekend data balance. Remember, this data balance is only available for Saturday and Sunday; it will expire once it’s past Sunday.

How can I Reach Airtel Customer Service?

To get a faster reply from Airtel customer care, try reaching out to them on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts; it is the fastest and best way to get a reply from Airtel.

Is the Plan for One Weekend or One Month?

This plan is available for only one weekend, and you can redo another plan next weekend.

I was told I am not Qualified; what should I do?

Whenever you encounter something like this, the best option is to simply call customer care to activate the 1GB for N100 plan for you.

Does this Plan have a Particular App you can use it with?

You can use your weekend plan however you want, from chatting to watching movies, and you can even play games online.

How can I know when I am Running Low on Data?

To know if you are low on data, simply dial *140# to check your available data balance.

Can I Subscribe to the Airtel 1GB for the N100 Weekend Plan on Weekdays?

No, the Airtel 1GB for N100 plan is specifically designed for weekend use only. It cannot be subscribed to or used on weekdays.

How Long Does the 1GB Weekend Plan Last?

The 1GB data you get with the Airtel weekend plan is valid from the moment of activation until Sunday at 11:59 PM. It expires at the end of the weekend, regardless of when you subscribed during that weekend.

Can I Subscribe to the Airtel 1GB for the N100 Plan Multiple Times on a Weekend?

No, Airtel allows you to subscribe to the 1GB for N100 plan only once during the weekend. Subsequent attempts to subscribe will not be successful.

Can I use the Airtel Weekend Plan for Browsing, Streaming, and Social Media?

Yes, the 1GB data can be used for various activities such as browsing the internet, streaming videos, using social media platforms, and more. It provides you with data access for all your usual online activities.

What Happens if I Exhaust the 1GB of Data Before the Weekend Ends?

If you exhaust the 1GB of data before the weekend ends, you will no longer have data connectivity unless you have an active data plan or another data bundle. It is advisable to monitor your data usage to avoid running out of data prematurely.

Can I Roll Over Any Unused Data from the Airtel Weekend Plan to the Following Weekend?

No, the Airtel 1GB for the N100 weekend plan does not support data rollover. Any unused data will expire at the end of the weekend, and you will not be able to carry it over to the next weekend.

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