How to Change Infinix Hot IMEI

If you’re here to look for a way to change the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your Infinix Hot Phone, you’ve come to the right place.

Changing the IMEI can help you unlock certain features, troubleshoot network issues, or even explore new possibilities. In this article, we’ll be telling you how to change the Infinix Hot IMEI. So, let’s scroll down!

What is an IMEI, And Why Would You Want To Change It?

The IMEI number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. It helps cellular networks and service providers recognize your phone and prevent fraud. However, there are some reasons why you might want to change your Infinix Hot’s IMEI. Altering or tampering with the IMEI will lead to legal restrictions in some regions, so make sure to comply with local laws and regulations.

How to Change Infinix Hot IMEI

1. Backup Your Data

Before attempting to change the IMEI of your Infinix Hot, it’s important to back up all your important data, like your contacts, photos, videos, and documents. This precautionary step ensures that your data remains safe in case something goes wrong during the process.

2. Turn on USB Debugging

To start the process, you need to turn on USB debugging on your Infinix Hot. Go to “Settings” > “About Phone” > “Software Information” > “Build Number.” Tap “Build Number” seven times to enable Developer Options.

Once enabled, go back to the main settings menu and select “Developer Options.” Look for “USB Debugging” and toggle it on.

3. Install The Required Software

To change the IMEI, you’ll need to install the necessary software on your computer. One popular tool is the MTK Engineering Mode app. You can find and download it from trusted sources like the Google Play Store.

4. Launch MTK Engineering Mode

Connect your Infinix Hot to your computer through a USB cable. Open the MTK Engineering Mode app on your phone and select the “MTK Settings” tab. Scroll down and find the “Connectivity” or “Telephony” option. Tap it to go to the additional settings section.

5. Go to the IMEI Settings

Once you’re in the Connectivity or Telephony settings, locate the option that says “CDS Information” or “Radio Information.” Tap on it, and you’ll be presented with several options.

6. Change the IMEI

In the CDS Information or Radio Information menu, you’ll see options for “Phone 1” and “Phone 2” if your device supports dual SIM cards. Select the SIM slot for which you want to change the IMEI.

7. Enter the new IMEI.

To change the IMEI, you need to enter a new, valid IMEI number. You can find valid IMEI numbers online or generate them using IMEI generator tools. Once you have a new IMEI number, enter it carefully into the provided field.

8. Save the new IMEI

After entering the new IMEI number, tap the “Send At Command” or “Apply” button, depending on the options available in your MTK Engineering Mode app. This will save the new IMEI on your device.

9. Restart your phone

Once you’ve saved the new IMEI, you have to restart your Infinix Hot phone. Restarting helps the changes take effect and ensures the smooth functioning of your phone.

10. Verify the Changes

After your device restarts, go to “Settings” > “About Phone” > “Status” > “IMEI Information.” Here, you should see the updated IMEI number for the selected SIM slot. If the new IMEI is displayed correctly, congratulations! You have successfully changed the IMEI of your Infinix Hot device.


Following the steps outlined in this article will help you change the IMEI safely and effectively. Remember to proceed with caution and back up your data before making any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Changing the IMEI of My Infinix Hot Device Improve Network Connectivity?

It can help resolve certain network-related issues. If you’re experiencing problems with network reception or signal quality, changing the IMEI might be one troubleshooting step to consider.

Are there Any Risks Involved in Changing the IMEI of My Infinix Hot Device?

Yes, there are risks involved in changing the IMEI. It may void your warranty, violate your terms of service, and potentially lead to legal consequences. And if not done correctly, it can cause issues with your device’s functionality. It’s essential to proceed with caution, backup your data, and research the implications before attempting to change the IMEI.

Can I Revert Back to My Original IMEI After Changing It?

It is possible to revert back to your original IMEI by following the same steps and entering the original IMEI number. However, it’s recommended to backup your original IMEI before making any changes to ensure you can easily switch back if needed.

Will Changing the IMEI of my Infinix Hot Phone Unlock it for use with other Networks?

Changing the IMEI alone does not unlock your device for use with other networks.

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