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How To Get Free MTN 150MB

Can I get a free 150MB from MTN? That is what we are going to address in this article. How to get free MTN 150MB. Trust me, you won’t like to miss this offer.

Come to think of it, who does not like free offers? Mtn is currently offering out free 150MB worth of data for free. So, the answer to your question is, yes. They are offering a free offer.

How To Get Free MTN 150MB

Now you know they are offering free 150 data, how can get this free offer? That is a nice question, that is why this article is here. Read on to explore.

Purpose Of the Date

The primary objective of the data is to facilitate the downloading of the Mymtn App; however, during a 3-day period of validity, you have the freedom to utilize the data for various activities such as browsing, streaming, downloading, and any other tasks according to your preference.

MTN Is Giving Out Free 150MB Data to Its Customers, How to Get Yours. Here are steps to get your free 150MB as an MTN user:

How To Activate Your Free Mtn 150MB

  • Getting the data is easy, all you need to do is text Myapp to 131
  • Once your SIM card is qualified, you will receive a text message like the one below
  • “Dear customer, you now have a bonus of 100MB valid for 3 days for downloading MyMTN App. Kindly dial *559*4# to check your balance”.
  • However, if you get an error message like “Y’ello, your subscription to Myapp has failed. Please retry by sending Myapp to 131.”

Furthermore, the data is valid for just 3 days and it works perfectly well on your current cost plan.


How can I Obtain Free MTN 150MB?

To get the free MTN 150MB, simply send the code “Myapp” to the number 131 through your messaging app.

What Steps do I Need to Follow to Get the Free MTN 150MB?

Navigate to your messaging app, compose a new message, and send “Myapp” to 131. You will receive a confirmation message with the free MTN 150MB offer.

Is There a Specific Code I Should Dial Or Message To Receive The Free MTN 150MB?

Yes, you need to send the code “GM” to the number 131 via your messaging app to receive the free MTN 150MB.

How Long is the Validity Period for the Free MTN 150MB?

The free MTN 150MB is valid for a duration of 3 days from the time of activation.

Can I Check my Remaining Balance for the Free MTN 150MB? If So, How?

Yes, you can check your remaining balance for the free MTN 150MB by dialing *310# on your phone. It will provide you with information about your remaining data balance.

Is the Free MTN 150MB Offer Renewable or Can I Get More Data Once I Have Exhausted the Initial 150MB?

Yes, if you have exhausted the initial 150MB, you can request another 150MB by sending “Myapp” to 131 again. This allows you to continue using the free data offer.

Are There Any Charges Or Fees Associated with Obtaining the Free MTN 150MB?

No, the free MTN 150MB offer does not incur any charges or fees. It is completely free of cost for the specified validity period.

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