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Diversity in Science Grants By Biochemical Society

Diversity in Science Grants By Biochemical Society

The Diversity in Science Grants program of the Biochemical Society awards grants of up to £500 to individuals, teams, charities, or non-profit organizations. The Society may grant up to £1,000 for certain projects at its discretion.

The Society is open to hearing from anyone or any organisation who has a project that supports and addresses issues connected to inclusion and diversity in Science.


The following qualifications must be shown by candidates in order to be eligible for the Diversity in Science Grants 2023:

  • A comprehensive awareness of the platforms and networks that address diversity in science, through which any achievements resulting from the award may be shared.
  • An understanding of issues and challenges pertaining to diversity in science.
  • Originality and applicability of the suggested strategy in tackling problems and difficulties related to diversity in science.
  • Proven research capability and experience, if the grant is to be used to fund a research project.
  • How you will evaluate the potential impact.
  • If catalytic funding is desired, there must be proof of extra or future investment to guarantee project viability.
  • A defined time-period for the activity (for grants awarded in 2022 it is expected that the project will be completed by 31 October 2023.).

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How To Apply

For interested applicants visit the website below:

Application Deadline: 29th October 2022

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